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Born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, I took interest in photography in my early 20s and fell in love with the idea of capturing a moment in time.

When I started to travel more, I fell in love with architectural photography. From the classical design of the Greek / Roman architecture in Europe to the multiple of deconstructed style buildings in Melbourne, Australia

With architecture photography, my interest shifted towards other cultures and people and my eyes shifted into street photography; a new found love. Taking a photo of a moment in time around these cities, not only with people in every day life, but also with surroundings of an area.

From one instance, a person can go from a posh lifestyle area to urban ghetto with a quick walk. So capturing an urban image combined with architect was a good balance for me. Add to the mixture of wanting to learn, I took my camera and ventured out into the world more & more each year.

I will never call myself a professional, because I always feel we are learning from what life gives and in an instant, life can be easily taken away and I want to enjoy as much as I can and leave any type of mark in this world, no matter how small it is.

If someone comes enjoys an image of mine, I feel I have done my job as a photographer in providing that person with a sense of happiness or joy.

And that, for me, photography is more than just f-stops, light & shadows, its a moment captured by me as to what I thought was beautiful at the time.

Photography changed how I looked at life...