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It is the little things about Spain I really love the most. The relaxed atmosphere and enjoy life as it comes attitude. How people take their time to enjoy a good breakfast or dinner and how cafe's have their own little quirks to them.

I found myself in Spain with no idea what I was expecting and what I found is a rich valiant country, that for me, is similar to the United States. Granted the main language is Catalan, most folks if you try to at least speak the language, will bend over backwards to really help you out.

Little things I learned about Spain is always fascinating, like the exact center of the country is found in Madrid. The exact center of the capital can be found with a marker on Puerta del Sol with a placard rightfully written "Km 0".

With at least 4 other major languages spoken in Spain, it also has other variations and dialects. The major other languages are Galician, Basque and Catalan. This can be confusing for some folks while traveling the country and trying to learn the language.

One of the most fascinating things about Spain is hot chocolate. It is served very thick and very chocolaty; almost like warm pudding! It is traditionally served with churros which are long thin donuts.

All in all, Spain is a romanticized country and the language is spoken beautifully. The people are fantastic and if researched correctly, one can find hidden gems all over the place. I suggest ask the locals.