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Choose LifeLandscape - VeronaWindow - FerraraWater & Rocks at Sunset - VeronaMan Best Friend - VeronaCurtain Call ~ Venice, ItaliaItalian Woman @ Piazza Di San Marco ~ RomeStone SculptorNeptune ~ Roma, ItaliaDavide the Gladiator @ Colosseo ~ RomeViolinest ~ FlorenceAlessiWhere Did You Go? Said the PigeonPiazza Navona UntitledThings Were Quiet Then ~ RomeGeneraliQuick Fix of LoveTo Be Different ~ Rome The Distance In Age ~ VeronaWoman @ Piazza delle Erbe ~ VeronaMilitary Academy - ModenaEveryday Life
Romanticized in Italy. This is what I have to say about the country. Falling in love with the history, food, arts and people. Italy is one of those places that one can be easily imagine themselves wondering how it was back in the days of emperors.

There is much to be said about Italy and the cities that lies within the country, but it is one of those places you have to visit yourself to understand and experience.